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Do You Have Favorite “Sins”?

How familiar are you with being in bondage?! Have you become so familiar with it that you don’t realize it anymore? 

For example, do you have your favorite “sins” or “habits” that you indulge in without even thinking about it most of the time?  Or are you in the bondage of poor health and you have begun to think “this is just the way it is and will always be for me.”? It bothers me greatly when I hear people say things like “my disease” or “my cancer” because it means that they have internalized it as being a part of them instead of being an enemy that is attacking them. Another thing is when I see a name of a disease in all capital letters. That is like magnifying the power it has over you or your loved one. When actually, the only name that should be magnified is the name of JESUS!    

It is so easy to fall into the trap of seeing life through our disease, pain or hardship instead of through the Word of God. Especially when it lasts longer than a few days. But those things act as chains to hold us to the problems rather than allow us to live in the Freedom Christ has for us.  

Are you living in freedom today? Are you helping others along the way? I admit, recently I have had some pain that has hindered me.  Would you pray for me to learn to truly live in the Freedom of Christ and I’ll pray the same for you?


One Response to “Do You Have Favorite “Sins”?”

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