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Prayer For God’s Mercy

Almighty God, Creator and Preserver,

We come into your presence with our burdens and pain. You have guaranteed us remission of sins and healing through the blood that was shed on the cross by your Son. We surrender our fragile lives to You for healing and strengthening . As a family we come to you for relief from sicknesses of mind and body. May the hands that guide the universe touch us and bring healing to our body and souls. Help us to overcome our painful memories of the mistakes that we have done. We ask for Your forgiveness. We ask you to come into our lives and fill our hearts with comfort and tranquility.

We pray for the people who are going through their own trials and tribulations. Grant them Your grace because they are holding on to you and calling you in times of their need. Let the Holy Spirit come in all of us to give us strength to move forward boldly trusting only in Your mercies. You gave us life and until we are called home help us to stay connected with you every moment of our journey home.

We surrender all those going through Depression, Bipolar disorders, withdrawal from severe addictions, uncontrollable rage that surfaces periodically, various manias, disabilities of various kinds, child-rearing challenges, job-related worries, all health-related afflictions and mental disorders. Give grace to those who are struggling with financial problems. Meet their needs Lord and bless them to find a way out of their challenges. Give us overall healing and comfort. Make us humble and loving to all those we meet. Walk with us and counsel us by the Holy Spirit , now and always. This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, the healer of souls. Amen.


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