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Double Trouble

I’ve been thinking about hernias recently. It is amazing how many people I know have had them. I’ve even had a double-hernia repair done myself. A hernia happens when there is a weak place in the belly tissue. Sometimes things like blood vessels, other tissue or intestines can slip back & forth through the opportune hole that can form.

Aren’t we people like that also? Aren’t there times we look for holes in the “boundaries” set for us which can be opportunities for us to “slip” through into areas where we don’t belong? That is a dangerous thing! When we get through the protective boundary into areas where we don’t belong, we set ourselves up for trouble. For example, with a physical hernia, when an intestine goes through the hole it can get stuck and crimped, causing “strangulation” and damage. The intestine can’t go back through to where it belongs by itself and must be surgically repaired or it can cause permanent damage and death.

Even worse is when there may be two hernias, and intestines can go through both holes, and then twist together on the other side. Isn’t that like people also? We look for friends outside of our boundaries to connect with for support and encouragement. But ultimately, we both get into trouble ~ double trouble.

Where are you in comparison to the boundaries that God has for you today?


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