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What Do You Think Of Meek?

When I say the word “Meek” what do you think?  Weak? Powerless? Jesus must have another idea of that word.

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. (Matt 5:5)

I think of a horse that has been “broken” and is ready for use.  When a horse is wild it can exhibit a wild show of power and energy.  But when that power is focused and directed much more work can be accomplished.  The horse still has the same amount of strength but now it is under control. No energy is wasted on wild rantings that don’t accomplish anything, but all energy is focused on the job that needs to be done. 

Who would you want to rule over you, a wild person with lots of energy and bluster, or a person who knows how to use the authority they have to accomplish the best outcome possible?  In other words, someone who is not meek or someone who is meek? By submitting yourself to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, your meekness allows them to harness and get the most out of whatever talents, skills and energy you have to get the best possible outcome.


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