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The Rose Of Sharon

Jesus is our true ROSE. Song of Solomon refers to Him in this manner : ” I AM the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.” Song of Solomon 2:1.

During Valentine, we like to give one or more roses to our lovers. The Bible refers to Jesus as “the lover of our souls.” He is also the rose of Sharon that is freely given to us as a gift.

In the Bible, Sharon refers to a plain, or level area that is fertile, peaceful and productive. His desire is to become our rose of Sharon and take root in our lives so that we will know about His true love and be fruitful in sharing that love. We pray for all of God’s people, those that know Him as well as those that don’t know Him yet, that each one would come to know how much He loves us. We need to receive His love, His mercy and His grace and be fruitful in the plains or wherever He sends us. He has been pursuing us for a long time. Let us stand at the door and open, for He is knocking. He desires fellowship with us and to share the great and wonderful plans He has for us together. As we spend time with Him, let Him speak to us and breathe His Breath of life, His Spirit, into us. Our future with Him is very bright and “ROSY.”


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