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Satan’s Attack Upon The Family

Satan’s intent is to destroy marriages and families. This is the primary reason for so much divorce, wife and child abuse, neglect and killing today. What many people do not understand is that Satan is not able to just walk into anyone’s home and kill them. We must provide him an open door. This door is opened through sin. Satan’s primary tool is TEMPTATION. If he can tempt you to sin then he knows that this opens the door for a curse. The curse causes us to lose our covenant rights of family blessing and protection.

Some reasons why Satan is determined to destroy marriages and families.
1. Families represent heaven on earth. Your family is representative of what God has planned for the universal family. Anything that is representative of God is hated by Satan. He knows that he cannot destroy God so he will destroy anything that reflects Him or His desires. Deuteronomy 11:21

2. Marriage is a covenant. For reasons understandable, Satan hates ALL Godly covenant relationships. Malachi 2:14-15

3. God hates divorce. What God HATES, Satan LOVES. Malachi 2:16

4. A husband and wife in harmony with one another have POWER IN PRAYER. All answered
prayer is defeat to the kingdom of Satan and he doesn’t like that. 1 Peter 3:7  and  Matthew 18:18-19

Dealing with Satan’s attacks upon your marriage and family:
1. Look to the atonement of Christ. His blood provides protection over your home WHEN IT IS APPLIED. Psalm 91:9-10  and Exodus 23:25-26

2. Job prayed for his family out of FEAR. This opened the door for Satan to destroy his family. Job 1:4-5,  Job 1:13-15 and Job 2:7-10

3. Abraham and Sarah called one another by their new covenant names. They confessed God’s Word over one another.

4. We must learn to speak only good things over our spouses in order to see results in our marriage.

Why the Devil Hates Marriage
Do you feel condemned in your marriage? Are you inclined to accuse your husband or wife? Do you have negative feelings toward your spouse that make you want to reject the person you love? Are you tempted by the pleasures of this world? If so, then you are experiencing Satan’s ploys to shatter your marriage.

But why exactly would the devil care so much about marriage? “Marriage is the first institution that God ever created on the earth, and it is the basis of every other institution on the earth. We have learned in the last 50 years and in human history that as goes marriage, so goes society.” If Satan can destroy marriage, he can tear up all other levels of society.

By: James


3 Responses to “Satan’s Attack Upon The Family”

  1. Hi! All ! How is everybody doing today. Doing Good! Great! Okay! So I’m
    happy to hear your problems. About Satan’s attack on people’s marriage.
    I just want you to have nothing to do with him. And resist his temptations
    everywhere. Especially in publlic areas. Like school for an answer. So Am I
    allowed to throw away all of my mails that I’m using today.. I won’t accept
    it. Period! Thank You My Friend! I appreciated it. I love you Guys dearly.
    God bless! May he always give you good things in your llife. His faithfulness
    and mercy that will last a lifetime for most people on Earth.

    PS I am always be your loving freind and caring.

  2. Hey Everryone ! How is your day at work. Pretty Boring huh. That’s all right!
    I feel the same way as you . But I don’t have to worry about it. Because I
    don’t feel discouraged or worried. I’m perfectly fine.. Doing my own
    business. without thinking about it. Um! So! Huh! Oh! I have a question
    for you. It’s the Devil right! Okay! We’ll talk about it. What has he done
    to Mankind. Did he deceive us from breaking God”s Lsw. Well just resist him
    and try not to let him destroy what God really loves. Okay! Good! Thanks
    Man! You are the best. Have a Good Night! Sleep tight! Don’t let the bed
    bugs bite.

    PS Good luck to you and your family. May the Lord shine down upon us
    all. Give Thanks to God Almighty for creating this beautiful big world.

  3. I really like reading through an article that can make people think.
    Also, many thanks for allowing me to comment!

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