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Marching Orders

Do you consider yourself a child of God? A friend of God? A part of the Army of God? Do you have your marching orders and are you obeying them? They are called “Marching Orders” instead of “Marching Suggestions” for a reason. They are to be obeyed.

What are your marching orders? I wouldn’t presume to tell you the marching orders that are specific to you. But there are some orders that are true for every soldier.

There is safety in numbers. Stay with the group where you have been assigned. Are you fellowshipping with a group of Bible-believing believers faithfully and regularly?

If you must separate into smaller groups, always stay with your assigned buddy. Do you have an accountability partner? Do you “cover their back” and do they cover you?

Never let your weapon out of your sight or reach. Fire it and clean it regularly. When was the last time you saw your weapon? When did you use it and sharpen your skills? The Word of God is our weapon, whether it is in written or spoken form. Use it don’t lose it.

Report for Duty. Have you spent time with the Lord and His Word? Have you checked with Him for your daily assignment? Have you asked Him when and where He wants you to report for duty?

You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. (John 15:14 NKJV)


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