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On What Circumstances God Denies To Answer Prayer! (Part-I)

What could be the reasons that God has denied answering YOUR prayers? Could it this or could it be that or could it be a couple of them????????????

1. Breaking a vow?
*Made a vow to God, but you did not fulfill it. He has no pleasure for fools. It is better not to make a vow.

2. Are you still living in sin?
*Ask God for DIVINE deliverance.

3. Have you forsaken God during comfortable times?
*No use remembering Him during tough storms.

4. Have you dishonored your parents?

5. Have you rejected His guidance, ignored His advices and you wouldn’t allow Him to reshape your life?

6. Are you in friends with people who live a wicked life; whose lives are not acceptable in the sight of God?
*Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.

7. Are you proud or hypocrite?
*God CANNOT withstand a man of pride but He uplifts humble people!

8. Is your faith wavering during tough times; unable to believe and still in doubt?
* Ask God to help you in building your faith…

9. Are you spending excessive time on idolaters?
*Meaning you spend more time in a relationship, friendship, job, hobby or anything else we put ahead of the Almighty God?

10. Is your prayer request linked with wrong or lustful motives?

11. Are you living a life that is not according to his commandments and principals????

12. Are you repaying good for evil?
*It a man pays back evil for good, evil will never leave his house.

13. Do have a problem in forgiveness, specially your enemies? Unforgiving Spirit???
*It is a commandment and not a choice to forgive your enemies. God did not make a choice to forgive you and me.

14. Have you consistently spoken or muttered negative things.
* Tame your tongue and speak positive things for what YOU speak will come to pass…

15. Do you often grumble, murmur and complain than to be thankful to God?
* He hates an ungrateful heart.

16. Your request may not be according to His will?

17. Are you disobedient, tough, stubborn and arrogant?
* You are only digging a pit for yourself.

In conclusion, no one is perfect. All of us in some way or another fell. This article is not to condemn you of your shortcoming but to restore your position back again. You must have a “right standing” with God; at which point you fell, you repent and ask God for forgiveness.


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