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The Family That Prays Together Stays Together

Do you hold a regular family prayer? Do you know the real power in a family prayer? Family prayer is a supernatural force the enemy would like to stop at all costs. Family Prayer is extremely dangerous for Satan because if UNITY exists, he cannot exploit any circumstances that will trigger disputes and destruction in your relationship with your spouse and kids. *Satan will do everything he can to keep us from family prayer or at least to see that our prayers are only intermittent and mechanical and without sincerity. If Satan can get us thinking that our children are too young or too old or if he can get us angry with one another or preoccupied with TV programs or over-crowded schedules or caught up in some other aspect of modern life so that we do not have family prayer, he has effectively won on that point. Call your families together. Make your family prayers a top priority item. It may be awkward at first, if you aren’t doing it now and since Satan doesn’t want you to do it at all, he will throw all sorts of excuses and roadblocks at you but just proceed and be persistent, and I promise you great blessings! The family that prays together stays together!

If you are a parent, you have the responsibility to lead prayer worship at home. Parents are responsible for the raising and nurturing of children with values and become developers of characters and attitudes. Prayer brings the whole family closer to God and to each other.

If everyone in the family is close to each other, then there will be less tension but more love and understanding. There will be less anger and more respect towards each other. If there is respect between couples then there will be less anger and fights. This will lead to a more harmonious relationship.


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  1. Did you go to college in California? Your name seems familiar, I just can’t remember from where.

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