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Prayer For Unemployed/Underemployed


Remembering the Unemployed/Underemployed

Almighty Lord,

We come to you with all the ones who are out of work, looking for work and those who  are desperately struggling at work. Whatever their needs are we are bringing them to you. You are our provider and you know our needs great and small. Help us to meet all our financial commitments. Help those who are in deep agony over money matters. May we be blessed by your abundant grace. Break our bondage with our finances. Come into our personal lives and untangle all the problems that we have with finances. We trust in you lord, we offer our financial problems, big and small to you. Teach us to use our material things in a better way. Help those who are in need of better ways of transportation.

Give means of livelihood to many who are seeking it. While they surrender their needs to you hear their plea Lord. Open areas of employment for those who need jobs urgently. Have mercy Lord and bless your people with needs. May we surrender our lives to you, so that we can manage our lives better. We pray for those who are working at difficult jobs as well. Give them grace to function well, enduring difficulties at work. As a family we come to you for total renewal in all areas. Strengthen us Lord, physically, mentally and financially for the glory of your name.

This we ask in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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