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My Name Is Gossip


My name is Gossip 

I have no respect for justice. 

Honesty is not ME 



I break hearts and ruin lives. 


I am cunning, malicious and dangerous.  

I am used by all. I am a star 

The more I am quoted, the more I am believed. 



I flourish at every level of society. 

My victims are helpless. 

They cannot protect themselves 

against me because 

I have no name and no face. 



To track me down is impossible.  

The harder you try, the more 

 elusive I become. 

I am nobody’s friend. 



Once I tarnish a reputation,  

it is never the same. 



I topple governments and 

wreck marriages. 

I ruin careers and cause 

sleepless nights, heartaches 

and indigestion. 



I spawn suspicion 

 and generate grief. 

I make innocent people cry 

 in their pillows.  



Even my name hisses. 

I am called GOSSIP. 

Office gossip 

Shop gossip 

Party gossip 

Relationship gossip 

 Telephone gossip 


I make headlines and 




you repeat a story, 

 ask yourself: 

is it true? 

Is it fair? 

Is it necessary?? 

 If not, do not repeat it. 




“He who gossips to you will gossip about you” 

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