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Christian Polls ~Orkut~

Hola Orkut Folks,
I love to create polls on Orkut during my leisure time!

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  1. *God-fearing People*
  2. ~*~Reasons to Praise God~*~
  3. † Christian dating †
  4. Are you a CHRISTIAN?
  5. Are YOU Cheating God?
  6. Be a Blessing to Others!
  7. Best Defense against Satan
  8. Best Leading Woman 
  9. Blessings Delayed? WHY?
  10. Can A Christian get at Tattoo?
  11. Can God Speak Through Sickness???
  12. Can Social Drinking Be Considered As Sinful?
  13. Christian Community
  15. Church Division
  16. Church Ministry 
  17. Daily Bible Reading! (Preferred Version)
  18. Devil’s MAIN target On *Teens*
  19. Devil’s MAJOR Strategy????
  20. Different Religions! Who Made It?
  21. DIVORCE – Why Divorce Happens?
  22. Drinking Non-Alcoholic Wine A Sin?
  23. Family Prayer!
  24. Fruits Of The Holy Spirit?
  25. Happy Marriage
  26. Have You Done This?
  27. Holy Angels
  28. How Does God Speak To You?
  29. Importance Of Church!
  30. INCREDIBLE Biblical Events!!!
  31. Inspirational Prayers!
  32. Is Barack Obama The Anti-Christ? 
  33. Is This Real Or A LIE?
  34. Judas Iscariot
  35. Major Prophets????
  36. Ministry Involvement
  37. Miracles Of Jesus Christ
  38. Most Important Key Factor!
  39. Obey God?
  40. Positive Friends Vs Godly Friends
  41. Preparing For Mr. / Mrs. Right!
  42. Prophecy ~ Do You Believe In Prophecy?
  43. Relationship Test
  44. Secular Music
  45. Slain In The Spirit  
  46. Storms In Your Life?
  47. Sunday Service 
  48. The Day Of Judgment
  49. The Name Of Jesus
  50. Top Villain?
  51. What Are Your Talents?
  52. What Do You Love About ♥Jesus♥
  53. What Is Your Marriage Status?
  54. What Is Your View About The BIBLE?
  55. Which Is Your Favorite PARABLE?
  56. Who’s Your Favorite Artist?  
  57. Who’s Your Favorite Televangelist?
  58. Who’s Your Favorite Bible Character?
  59. Worst Wicked Woman 
  60. Would You Die for Jesus?

One Response to “Christian Polls ~Orkut~”

  1. Good work. Carry one.

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