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Prayer For Strength

Our precious and Almighty God,

We give You glory at all times. All of us are Pilgrims in this desert land.

Lord. when we are going through suffering of various kinds as fear, illness, loneliness, inner conflict, bereavement, unfair treatment, hatred from family and indifference from others, we have You to turn to. Help us to stay away from deep rooted addictions. We humbly come to you with our heavy hearts and feeble bodies. We are counting on Your promises. Preserve us Lord from all harm, Give us the awareness that we are Yours and that You will look after Your own. Come into our lives Lord, cleanse us of all anxieties and make us pure, loving, forgiving and humble. May our love to others cover all mistakes that were done.

Fill our hearts with the true love of peace. Guide us and govern us Lord. When we are in pain, may we look up to the light that You are, when we are lonely and sad may we know that you are near and holding us.

Our Merciful God, give us forgiveness for all the mistakes that we done in our life. Purify us Lord and fill us with Your strengthening Holy Spirit. May all our decisions be taken by consulting You only Lord.

Give comfort and release from mental and physical pain. Help us to suffer everything bravely by looking up to Your glorious face. You are our only help, help us Lord. This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ , Amen.


One Response to “Prayer For Strength”

  1. Yes, Lord Jesus. Fill my heart with the true love of peace. I love You,Lord.

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