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Healing Prayer For Relief From Addictions

Our most Merciful Father,

We come to your presence with all of us who are victims of harmful habits and addictions in our life. Surrendering to our temptations is becoming painful for all concerned. We surrender ourselves for your grace and mercy for total healing. May the deep-rooted habits be taken away Lord. We need total cleansing of body and mind. Help us to find ways of healing from all kinds of addictions, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and any other addictions big or small. Help us to stay away from immoral way of life and ungodly thoughts.

We pray for the family members who are going through many abuses, verbal and physical. May they turn to you lord for freeing themselves from those situations. Innumerable individuals are victims of domestic violence. Bring healing by your presence in those families. Protect the children exposed to these situations. We are asking for cleansing to all of us. Help us to be better individuals who are humble carriers of your gospel of love and peace. This we ask in the name of Jesus, our Prince of Peace. Amen.


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