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Prayer For Those Going Through Terrible Storms In Your Life

“Be still, and know that I am God……..” Psalm 46:10

I want to share this biblical verse with all of you. This was the passage that  changed the course of events in my life. When I was in a crisis not too long ago, my life seemed falling apart. It happens in life . When you least expect it tragedy strikes. It is a storm that  uproots all your belief systems, your dealings with others and your relationship God.  When I was struck by crisis ,When  I had nowhere to go  I had to go on my knees.

I called a prayer partner and she, for some reason, told me that I have to find the answer from God. So I desperately went through my Bible and suddenly this verse ,Psalm 46:10, came very real for me. It spoke to me to be still and to know the power of God. I told people around me that we are not going to do anything but let God handle the situation. The crisis passed  and God worked amazingly in a way none of us could imagine.

If any of you are going through terrible storms in your life , I would love to tell you, Be Still, know that He is God. Just like there is calm in the eye of the storm when everything swirls around, you can be still when everything falls apart around you. Let the storms and chaos  pass you by, leave your issues and concerns to God. He will sustain you. Doesn’t matter whether they are problems in finances, problems with children spouse or family, whatever the problem is , be of courage God is overall powerful than all of that. May God grant you stillness and an independent solitude in times of crisis.

Almighty and Loving Father, when we are faced with challenges and pain that seems unbearable , give us the grace to rely on you . Help us to be close to You. When we react in crisis things go wrong. Therefore God grant us the peace and serenity to stay still and surrender our life and its problems to You.  In Your great and quiet mightiness, give us peace and patience. This we ask in name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, Amen.


3 Responses to “Prayer For Those Going Through Terrible Storms In Your Life”

  1. Thank You.

  2. Be still and no that GOD is always there no matter what

  3. Thank you for all the good words of encouragement; I am as we speak facing very scary challenges with my health, my finances and everything else in between. At times, I am very scare of what the outcomes will be but because I have complete faith in God I keep on going.
    Please pray for me; I need lots and lots of prayers.
    Thanks again.

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