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Prayer For The People W/ Diseases And Illnesses

Holy Father in Heaven, God Almighty, thank You for our many blessings. I ask for forgiveness of my sins so that I may be counted as righteous in Your site. I thank You for that privilege.

Today I pray for the people who are living with various types of diseases and illnesses.

Be with these people in the way that only You can. Give them the strength and the courage they need to get through each day. Lesson their symptoms so that they may have some relief. I pray that they are cured and live long and joyful lives.

Specifically we pray for these people…… ……… . (E.g.)

Becky- arthritis, fibromyalgia, bronchiectisis( a lung condition).
Shirley Jones – Stiff Person’s Syndrome,
Kara Harris- drug addiction- need to remain sober,
Vance Fulcher- depression, OCD, and anxiety disorder


……and others that we do not know about. It is our hope that their Faith and their spirits remain strong. Thank you for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thank You for the opportunity to come before you at this time. Thank You for your Love and Your Grace. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


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