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Prayer For Getting Back To God’s Presence

Our Loving Father, we have wandered away from you off and on. We tend to lose your holy Presence that strengthens and comforts us. Our souls are always in darkness, unable to see the grace  of God. You have been our help when we faced many dangers in our life. You have brought us out of many situations triumphantly Lord. Help us to know that You hold us secure in Your loving arms. Be constantly near us Lord , as You have been to this very day. Give us Lord purity of speech, a clean heart, humility and patience. Make us to seek Your face with all our might. You are our Eternal light lord, help us to turn away from darkness and aid us to walk constantly in Your light.

Help us to be patient in our trials. Make us channels of peace to others who are hurting with sickness, pain, relationships that have gone bad, domestic violence, alcoholism and all sorts of difficulties. Be the companion for the lonely and the neglected. May we find joy in Your presence and may we look to You for all the solutions that we need now and always. Draw us all closer to You so that we can live in the mighty presence of Your love. This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


One Response to “Prayer For Getting Back To God’s Presence”

  1. Powerful prayer, Amen!

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