мαяяιαgє вℓσg


Hello Everyone!
I would like to post short devotional articles that are inspiring and encouraging with messages of hope.

Please note that few messages are edited by me. I prefer to trim down the original text of the message which will be easier for viewers to read as am more concerned for those who do not have the time to read long messages! Perhaps lengthy articles might bore them!

Stay in His Word and Be Blessed!

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God Bless You! ♥


4 Responses to “тαмιℓιαηρσηηυ”

  1. God use you for His glory.Thank you sis.Tamilian.And I like your blog.Its inspired and encouraged me.I’m not fluent in english but God gave me wisdom to share His words.Once again, you are a big blessing to me.And I love you with the love of the LORD. God is IN us forever.

  2. you bring up great points in your comments tamilian and i truly believe that each one of those things are very much needed in any relationship but the important thing of all is put god before anyone and anything else,his teaching about relationships is exactly the way we need to love and cherish each other, i didn’t know these things a few years ago when i was in a marriage and now i don’t see how any relationship can be sucessful without god in it,his teachings are truth and now i am praying he gives me someone to love and cherish someday, it is only by the grace of god that we are ???

  3. Hi, Im doin grt by Gods grace, and I know your loving the time with our Lord, and sending you the request that was so not me,i am quite all the more to myself, but i must admit that indeed i was searching for your pic to see the real person behind al this …i came across your myspace when searching for some marriage videos for my cousin…was taken over by the loads of info you have put in and your efforts for our Lord left me a bit jealous ;-/ … anyways was so inquisitive to know the tamilian ponnu behind all this as I have been in chennai right from birth… anyways finally I stumbled across your Mathew 5:28 which made me look a bit scratchy but hey if i happened to havea profile in myspace i would have JOB 31:1.;-). .nways all glory be to the Father , Son , HOly Spirit..nice to have known you spiritually..k idhuku maela onum illae…tc

  4. May you be blessed for all your work. I am on a mission to share the message of love and togetherness and I am glad I found your blog.

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